Our passion is growing the best greens as efficiently as possible

What we do

Own Greens is a company active in vertical farming, founded by John Bijl, a successful entrepreneur who started exploring the possibilities of entering the food production market with unique technology and vision. This all started with parent company Vitro Plus, which was also founded by John.

Vitro Plus

  • Over 30 years of experience ultra-efficient tissue culture
  • Over 15 years of experience with multi-layered growing
  • Automated production process
  • Production of 40 million ferns a year, shipped all around the globe

Our mission

Own Greens’ mission is to bring next level food experience to consumers all over the world, thereby creating real impact in the food system.

Our Team

Project Image

John Bijl

Project Image

Lennart Bijl
Operations Manager

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Dilge Ozkan
Plant Research

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Elenita Davidse-Uil
Finance Manager

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Saskia Mol
Plant Research

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