Show your customers where their food comes from

Our small solution

Our small solutions offer lots of possibilities for showcasing the way your herbs and leafy greens are being grown. These solutions can be used in a supermarket, restaurant, home, or even a school. We have conducted several pilots with Dutch retailer Albert Heijn, Jumbo, theme park “De Efteling”, and a number of local restaurants. These cases were all focused on showcasing the growing process to consumers, to provide them with a unique customer experience.

The first small solution Own Greens has developed, is the PlantHome: an easy-to-use growing kit that fits in every home. Growing your own greens at home has never been easier! All you need to do is follow the simple steps in the growing manual and you are ready to grow whatever you want, whenever you want.

In addition to the PlantHome, Own Greens has now also created the PlantHome Pro. The PlantHome Pro can be seen as the bigger brother of the PlantHome: it has multiple layers and offers space for up to 30 plants per layer. Despite the larger size, the PlantHome pro is still very easy to use and offers a perfect solution for consumers who want to grow more of their herbs and vegetables themselves.

Our small solution specifications

  • Purpose: showcase farm or home growing
  • Floor space: 1-10m2
  • Cultivation area:1-20m2
  • No automation
  • No climate system

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