Collaboration with our local supermarket

One of the most difficult challenges is to convince consumers about the excellent taste and freshness of herbs and vegetables that have been grown in our Vertical Farms.

We have been searching for a good way to pack, store and present the products and ultimately found a paper cup that can be filled with clean water and holds the plant for at least 4 weeks. The plants, once at home in the kitchen, will continue to grow, even after harvesting some leaves and does not lose any of its supreme quality and flavour.The added value of such a product is obvious and we hope that consumers will recognize this.

Our product was ready for the market for some time already but the only thing that was missing was a good place for a pilot, when we called Roberto van Veldhuizen the owner of our local Albert Heijn here in Burgh-Haamstede, and he was enthusiastic and immediately willing to help us.

His Albert Heijn Market Plaza is the best place for Own Greens to test our brand new product and the retailer will start selling Basil and Mint produced in our new concept from the 27th of July.

The products will be presented in a high-end LED cabinet, in this way we can learn visitors of the store how plants grow under LED’s in such conditions just as in our indoor Farm.

Since we produce the Mint and Basil just a few steps from the store in the same village we make a real impact on the food miles normally needed to bring products to the store and we can guarantee a very fast delivery of fresh products on demand. And of course just a minimum of water and absolutely no pesticides are used for the production of our products, making it a sustainable way of growing.

We are very excited about the reaction of the visitors of the store, we have a lot of tourists from Germany, Belgium and of course the Netherlands on our beautiful island Schouwen-Duiveland at the moment. We hope they all enjoy our local grown basil and mint from our vertical farm. For most of them this will be the first opportunity to try and taste herbs grown in a real local vertical farm!

We will keep you updated about the reactions we will see from coming Monday the 27th of July.

The Own Greens Team


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