PlantHome Pro: our newest growing solution!

A while ago, we introduced you to our first solution to create a real change in the food system, namely the PlantHome indoor garden. We are now very proud and delighted to introduce the PlantHome Pro!

The PlantHome Pro can be seen as the bigger brother of the PlantHome: it’s an indoor garden that has three layers on which multiple containers can be placed. On each layer, you can grow up to 30 small herbal plants or 6 large lettuce heads. Above each layer there’s a lamp that ensures that the plants will have enough light to grow. The PlantHome Pro can also be equipped with a mesh screen that prevents insects from entering the system. The screen is easily removed for cleaning, because it’s held in place by magnets. The cabinet can easily be opened by two doors in the front. De doors and sides are covered with smoke acrylic glass, this blocks any unwanted light.

The PlantHome Pro is the perfect solution for consumers who want to take growing their own foods to the next level. The system offers enough space to grow a large part of your vegetables and herbs yourself and thus to more and more regain the ownership over your food. Despite the larger size, growing with the PlantHome Pro doesn’t require many more skills than growing with the PlantHome. The growing process for the PlantHome and PlantHome Pro is quite similar, so using the PlantHome Pro won’t cause any trouble for PlantHome users. The PlantHome Pro comes with a complete starter kit and a clear and detailed growing manual, to ensure that even consumers who are completely new to the concept of home growing can grow their own greens in the most hassle-free way possible.

We hope we got you excited to check out the PlantHome Pro, available now at Own Greens. You can request a quote here or e-mail us at for more information. For more news and updates on what we do, you can also follow us on our social media.

The Own Greens Team

PlantHome PRO 3-layer front view

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