The Food Revolution

Do you know what happens to your food?

We don’t have a clue either. That is why Own Greens is 100% transparent about your Own food!

Some facts about our current food production system..

Vegetables travel many miles before they end up in the grocery stores

Crops are being sprayed with pesticides

Excessive use of fertilizer

Excessive water usage

Own Greens has the solution

The Own Greens technology is the result of  almost 30 years of experience in plant tissue culture and 6 years of research into applying this technology on edible plants.

 Consumers, restaurants and office buildings can now produce their own, clean, healthy and sustainable greens!

The system works with multi-layered LED grow lights and the combination with the special packaging makes the plants grow. All ingredients are completely clean, no one needs to touch the greens during the production. There is even no need of expertise in cultivating plants. Growing your own greens has never been this easy.

Personal Word

''I have been passionate about creating unique solutions for growing plants my entire life. I started with a fern business, but at some point I began to research the possibilities in food production. The final result, after six years of hard work and extensive thinking, is called Own Greens. We sell the safest and easiest way to grow healthy greens at home. It is stunning how much greens you can grow and for what price. Besides, you are saving water, minerals and pesticides and what about the transport of food?

By using the Own Greens method, you are not only contributing to your own body's health with fresh and healthy greens, but you are also helping to create a better world.''

- John Bijl, CEO

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